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Profile - Carlie Johnston

From Melbourne originally, Carlie moved with my family to Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast in 2008.
She works from her home studio and has a love of nature and art.

About Carlie....
Since I was young, I have always explored art in some form or another. Textiles were a favourite of mine for many years and I have made several large mosaic artworks and explored acrylic painting, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I discovered Resin. I immediately fell in love with this fluid medium and the way the colours blend and can be manipulated with heat. The vibrancy and depth of each artwork is what keeps me wanting to create my next piece. I am particularly drawn to creating pieces to represent my love of the ocean and beach where I live. My inspiration comes from aerial photographs of the sea and my multi-layered resin pieces really do seem as though you are looking through the waves.
I wanted to make functional artworks at an affordable price so began making Cheese Platters. My resin boards differ from other resin works out there as mine are created from an artists’ way of thinking rather than a view for business. Each piece is unique, and I take great care to prepare and finish the artwork well. The bowls and plates are solid resin and made from a mould I have created. The way in which I pour and mix the colours and move the resin around with a heat gun determines the patterns in each piece.