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Profile - Nathan Walker (NOAH)

The brand "NOAH" has recently been added to the artnuvo gallery exhibition space!

The works consist of several half-tone / mono hand screen-printed images of iconic 60's surf culture onto re-purposed/sustainable timber panels & 60's retro furniture... this has been an ongoing venture since a 2012 garage discovery, containing 100's of amazing 1960's b&w photos & daily journals of my late dad & his mates 1960's aussie east coast surfing adventures...

As a young man he had undertaken many surfing trips on the East Coast of NSW and beyond always having his camera ready for a candid shot. The images were captivating my creative imagination and I decided to digitalise the images and negatives.

Around the same time I started up-cycling mid-century furniture and the idea was born to combine the two/60s pictures onto wooden furniture! My first pieces were snapped up quickly and shipped to Switzerland. 

As my dad had produced a large amount of photos from that era not just related to surfing including annotations and diary entries describing the pictures in detail through lucky serendipity the State Library of NSW expressed an interest in the entire collection. 

As of September 2017 the n.s.w. state library has officially aquisitioned the entire photographic & matching journal collection of dad's surfing sojourns from the 1960's...

Both the journals & images will be soon available online & included in an upcoming (2018-19) public exhibition of the entire works...very proud & always amazed by my late dad _  John P Walker- 1945-2012

As I retained the copyright of the images, my work will continue and I'll be adding a variety of printed items as well as T-Shirts of course

I, Nathan J Walker live with my wife, son and 2 cats in Brisbane. Im a freelance Graphic Designer who loves surfing, good film and tv series, beer & playing pool...