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Profile - Loren Wimhurst

My earliest childhood memories are of drawing. I loved to draw people and faces. Even at a very young age when I had no understanding of what it was, I was fascinated with form, light, happiness, sadness, and characters.

My artistic passion developed early and I was also drawn to fashion, and design, particularly the use of colour when creating garments. I forged a successful career in fashion at the age of 15, producing my own fashion label, marketing my designs Australia wide. Throughout this time my love and passion for Art never diminished as the two always dovetailed into each other. My Mum encouraged my talents, and being an artist soul as well, we did regular painting classes, and worked together in the fashion business.

I have been so fortunate to study oil painting under amazing artists, and beautiful people including Beris Woodrow, Betty Searle, Todd Whisson, and Wolfgang Lammle. My skill and love is oil painting and charcoal, I feel completely in control of both of these mediums.

My artistic life was put on hold as I became a single Mum, and raising and providing for my two children was my priority. During this period, I entered the world of business. It’s been during the last 10 years that I have been able to return to my Artistic passion. I am still drawn to the human form, and in particular, portraits. I am kept busy with constant commissions from clients, and I am trying to accumulate enough pieces to exhibit my work.