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Profile - Tamara Sewoff

Artist profile:

The unique beauty of the Sunshine Coast is the inspiration behind Tamara’s aesthetic; an explosion of joy and colour.
Featuring unique seascapes, quirky, endearing animals, and bright florals in rich hues, her work captures the vibrance and humour in nature.

“I love the forests, the ocean, seeing the sun rise and set, and seeing the transition from morning to afternoon light - the way this can change the colours in a scene.”

The physiology of colour plays a key role in her art. “I can’t imagine a world without colour,” she says, “it can play such a key role in how we feel.”
“Sometimes someone will tell me that my work brought a smile to their face, and that makes me so happy,” she explains.

After studying fine arts at RMIT, Tamara moved to Sydney to work for Hanna Barbera Sudios as a cell painter initially and working in the background department. Several years of commercial art followed before deciding to explore her own ideas and creativity, and so she began her career as an artist, working and exhibiting with galleries in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Now living on the Sunshine Coast, she draws inspiration from the beautiful surroundings.