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Profile - Neita Bage

Having trained as a manufacturing jeweller at RMIT I worked for leading jewellers in London Capetown and Melbourne. Having spent my life working with my hands in my retirement I turned to clay as it is a therapeutic and forgiving medium. I enjoy everything from wheel throwing functional work to hand building using both coil and slab methods as well as sculptural pieces. There are so many aspects to clay as a medium, from building techniques, surface decoration, glaze chemistry, as well as numerous firing methods, I like to explore it all.

My figurative sculptures are a bit of whimsical fun inspired by my great aunts and uncles who were always up for a bit of fun, I have no pre conceived idea about their final outcome, they just evolve through the process of building using the coil method. The clay is a strong stoneware clay with a lot of grog and iron. After the bisque firing 1000 deg C , they are painted using engobes and underglazes before being fired to earthenware 1100 deg C, they have a 3rd firing using oxides. Each figure has been given a silicon quartz water proofing coating so they can be displayed outside or inside.