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Profile - Chalie MacRae

"My artwork reflects my story without words, and moments of my life captured on the canvas that are somewhere between the real and the imagined."?

"I feel a sense of freedom and exploration when painting allowing me and my work to continually evolve."?

Chalie MacRae is an Australian abstract artist based in Yarraville, Victoria.  She developed what would become a long-term love for art after travelling abroad as a young adult, however it wasn't until after pursuing a corporate career for some years that Chalie began painting.?

Her paintings reflect her emotions and the interpretations of her experiences and sights and sounds. She immerses herself in her studio for days at a time, retreating from the world where she allows influences from music, nature and her urban environment to intertwine with her stories on the canvas.?

Chalie works with oils and acrylics and gravitates towards a palette that is nature inspired however her inspirations are diverse and vivid.?

Her paintings have been shown in numerous group exhibitions and her works are held by private collectors domestically and internationally.