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Profile - Fiona Haynes

Growing up in small QLD rural mining communities, Fiona Haynes spent her childhood in a creative family environment where her abilities and interest in the arts were nurtured by her mother. Art and craft projects were a part of daily family life and there was never any question that her work life would not involve furthering those artistic pursuits. 

After completing undergraduate qualifications in fine arts (ceramics) and post graduate qualifications in education.  Fiona became employed in a Brisbane based social enterprise, where she still manages today. 

Over the years of working in the arts Fiona has been an avid collector of objects.  Objects on mass is something Fiona enjoys, part of the collecting obsession includes other people being involved in looking out for objects of interest.  The objects of interest range from spoons, tins, clogs, wooden boxes, dolls bits, keys anything that is beautiful to her aesthetics.  The community collecting is also exciting for Fiona as other people love to be involved and see the creations come to life from something they have collected and contributed to.

Bringing a collection of objects together can sometimes takes years, but that is Ok as it becomes a work in progress and gives Fiona times to process  how the objects will fit together and be beautiful.  Fiona loves all objects to be quirky and beautiful,