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Profile - Monte Lupo Arts

The Monte Lupo Story

The name Monte Lupo was taken from a small pottery village nestled in the hills of Tuscany called Monte Lupo Forentina.  Monte Lupo has a unique ceramic history that can be seen in the use of bright, exciting colors and design that can still be purchased today. Another attribute of Monte Lupo Forentina was their skill of sharing responsibilities in the production of ceramic wares - many artists contributed to each piece of work, thus utilising the strengths of each and every individual artist. 

Here at Monte Lupo, we employ that same ethos of sharing the responsibilities of production. This ensures a high standard of quality and allows the artists to focus on, and refine, their skills. Not all of employees want to pursue the role of artist and this serves to strengthen the Monte Lupo team, due to the many facets of running a ceramic production studio, retail outlet and business services.

 Monte Lupo Services

Multicap is statewide non profit, established in 1962, that provides high needs disability, individual, respite and family support for people with disabilities their families and carers in Queensland.

In 1991 Multicap established the Monte Lupo Disability Enterprise to provide a career path for people with disabilities who wished to be gainfully employed in an area encouraging creativity and artistic expression.  Today Monte Lupo employees over 30 people with a disability and several artists across a number of services

·           Monte Lupo Gallery & Studio- employs 20 people including 10 young artists and provides unique art, giftware and pottery with individual, commissioned, and corporate gifts

·           Monte Lupo Packaging- employs around 10 people providing packaging and repackaging services, mail outs, collating, hand assembly, shrink-wrapping, laminating and more

·           Centre of Creative Arts - program for adults with disabilities who are enthusiastic about working toward becoming professional artists.

With minimal training, our Monte Lupo artists have developed a very distinct, individual, naïve style. The artists are able to express themselves freely through several medium including sculpture, painting, pottery, and screen printing. Monte Lupo staff find this freeness in the artwork visually inspiring and exciting. In these artists, one can truly see the infinite expanse of human expression.

Monte Lupo Packaging provides our employees with a disability the support and training needed to develop industry based competency standards and skills. Our employees are provided with the opportunity to be gainfully employed, in a supported work environment.

The Monte Lupo machine operates through individual commitment to a team effort – Creative Collaboration, collaborating to produce the finished product and all that entails from unloading the clay off of the truck to the selling.  It’s an opportunity for people with disabilities to contribute to a whole, to be a ‘creative cog’ in a machine that wouldn’t operate without them.

Monte Lupo CV of Major Works

Promoting the Monte Lupo artists demonstrates the amazing abilities of people with disabilities and continuing community awareness and appreciation. Our Monte Lupo artists have won a number of awards and have their works on display, with other exhibitions held at various times.

Our employees gain inspiration from personal experience, group workshops, excursions and interacting with customers and clients. Monte Lupo’s collective approach has broken down competition barriers that previously called for single entries.