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Profile - Caroline Magerl

Caroline Magerl CV

Publisher (Author and Illustrator)
Hasel and Rose / written and illustrated by Caroline Magerl : Penguin Books Australia 2014

Rose and the wish thing / written and illustrated by Caroline Magerl : Random House USA 2016


Fine Art
Art Nuvo (Buderim, Australia 2016)

Eva Breuer Art Gallery (Woollahra, Australia 2013)
Debut Contemporary (London, UK 2012, 13)
The Gallery Eumundi (Eumundi, Australia 2009, 10, 11, 12)
Impressions on Paper (Canberra,Australia 2008)
Milton House Gallery (Mackay,Australia 2006)
Stop Laughing This Serious Gallery (Blackheath,Australia 2005)
The Frances Reilly Gallery (Eumundi,Australia 2002-3-4)
Eva Breuer Art Gallery (Woollahra, Australia 2002-3-4)

The Maltby Gallery (Winchester,UK 2002)
No.9 the Gallery (Birmingham,UK 2001)
Artspace 2000,Barn Galleries (Henley on Thames,UK 2000)
Solander Gallery (Canberra, Australia)
Greenhill Gallery (Perth,Australia)
Commerford Gallery (Byron Bay,Australia)
Bundanoon Art Gallery (Bundanoon,Australia)
private collections in Aust,USA,Germany

Lu Rees Archive (Canberra, Australia)

Mazza Museum (Ohio, USA)

Perc Tucker Gallery (Townsville, Australia)

May Gibbs Fellow

Australian Publishers (Children’s book illustration)
The ABC Book of Christmas by Mark Macleod : Harper Collins 2009

Tan Callahan's secret spy files by Jen Storer : Puffin Books 2008

Kid’s night in! 2 by Jessica Adams : Harper Collins 2005

Castles by  Allan Baillie : Penguin 2005

The naming of Tishken Silk by Glenda Millard : ABC Books for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2003

My Gran's different by Sue Lawson : Lothian Books 2003

Dracula tooth by Peter McAllister : Puffin 2003

Do-wrong Ron by Steven Herrick: Allen & Unwin 2003

Harry & Luke by Glyn Parry : Hodder Headline Australia 2002

Over the moon by Libby Hathorn : Lothian Books 2002

Imp by Allan Baillie: Puffin Books 2002

Miss Wolf and the Porkers by Bill Condon : Penguin 2001

Sky Boy by Geoffrey Lehmann Sydney : Hodder Headline Australia 2001

Families by Susan Hartley: Scholastic 1996

Just a Seed by Wendy Blaxland : Scholastic 1996

Daring Dora and the all-girl gang  by Dianne Bates : Hodder Headline Australia 1996
Jacob Fang and his feral family by Dianne Bates : Hodder Headline 1996
Dame Nellie Nickabocka, shooting star by Dianne Bates : Hodder Headline 1996

Basil Bopp the burper by Dianne Bates: Hodder Headline Australia 1996
The judge, the cheat, the bribe and the part-time pet by Hazel Edwards : Macmillan Education Australia 1996

Pig with a view / Pamela Platt by Pamela Platt : University of Queensland Press 1995

The curse of King Nefertrustme by Dianne Bates: Angus & Robertson 1995

Piranha 9 by Greg Mitchell: Macmillan Education Australia 1994

The health of Benjamin Glugg by Maureen Stewart : Macmillan Education Australia 1994

My wacky gran by Dianne Bates : Angus & Robertson 1994

The office athlete / written by Amanda Gore: Lifestyle Press 1993

Illustration Exhibitions
Chris Beetles Gallery (London, UK)

Stop Laughing this is Serious Gallery . (Blackheath, Australia)
Customs House Gallery .(Warrnambool, Australia)
Books Illustrated . (Melbourne, Australia)
The Book Garden . (Brisbane, Australia)
Hughendon Hotel . (Sydney, Australia)
The Perc Tucker gallery .(Townsville, Australia)
Dromkeen . (Victoria, Australia)

International Publishers (Illustration)
Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors USA
Penguin Books UK
Hodder Headline UK
Simon & Schuster UK
Random House UK
Oxford University Press UK
Addison Wesley Longman UK
Wright Group USA
Mc Graw-Hill USA
International Marine USA

Australian Magazines and Newspapers (Cartooning and or illustration)
Brisbane News

The Bulletin
Sydney Morning Herald
Courier Mail
Sunday Mail
Melbourne Herald Weekly Times
Oz Arts
Readers Digest

International Magazines (Cartooning)
Maine Boats and Harbors USA
Classic Boat USA
Boatman UK
Practical Boat Owner UK
Professional Boat Builder USA
Wooden Boat USA


Her latest children book ‘Hasel and Rose’ was printed by Penguin Australia (2014) and reprinted under the title of ‘Rose and the wish thing’ by Random House USA (2016). The original illustrations were accepted by Chris Beetles Gallery in St James London.