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Profile - Sara Paxton

Sara’s vibrant treatment of subject matter using vivid colour and contemporary form gives her paintings a unique, expressive style.

Born in the UK and growing up in a creative family environment, Sara had an early interest in all things art related.

Winning her first art prize, aged 7, for her depiction of a magical dinosaur, set the path for things to come.

The economic reality of earning a living from art saw her turn down a place at a London art college and painting all but disappeared from her life for the next 20 years.

However, the passion for painting and interest in art always remained.

From there, to a now full time painter has been a journey of extensive learning and development together with much experimentation across a range of disciplines. 

Her first love though is oils and the joy of using this medium has resulted in her current vibrant contemporary style and dynamic use of colour. 

Her work is largely focused on the Australian landscape but sometimes influenced by an English perspective.

Sara has developed a strong Australian following through many solo and shared exhibitions and has attracted an increasing international interest.