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Profile - Stephen Glassborow Bronze

Sydney Based Bronze Sculptor Stephen Glassborow returns to Buderim with 18 of his bronze sculptures in his July Exhibition.  Figure, form and humour are often featured in Stephens works.  From his initial thoughts in sketching the shapes, using word play on how a verbal term can turn into a visual reference is often toyed with.  Bronze is often featured as something classical - however Glassborow likes to take a contemporary twist on his works.  The exhibition titled From Clay to Eternity gives reference that the artworks will outlive the artist.  Bronze has long been a medium that stands the test of time and Glassborow has an affinity with his artworks being something of an heirloom for all generations to enjoy.  Where as the initial clay sculpture is effectively discarded the bronze will last a lifetime.

Artists statement:

There was once a sculptor from Oz, who made all his figures from Bronze, he made em that way cos he thought they would tay on the shelves of the people who bought em.