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Profile - Cabinet of Curiosity

Buderim local, Sunshine Coast born and bred. 

I have always had a deep interest in the natural world, to learn of its intricacies and wonder at its design.  It’s where I go to heal my mind and soothe my soul. In one way or another to remember my adventures and travels I have always had my own little collection of “curiosities” as i liked to call them paying homage to the Victorian practice.  The Victorians had an affinity with the unusual and would love to collect oddities, taxidermy and trinkets to have as talking pieces when people would visit their home and to show how well travelled they were.  Some of these pieces have survived to this day and are of museum quality. 

The intention behind my art is to draw attention to the little things that actually aren’t little things at all. To be mindful of the world around you.